Live Blogging: “A Lot More Ahead”

By Chris Ariens 

11:21: Signing off, Chris Matthews says “Another victory for cable television tonight, the battle goes on…” Then makes a pitch for the Hardball College Tour. “Perhaps Notre Dame or Indiana University would be good.”

11:05: Obama wraps it up. In time to hit the late local news live in NC and IN.

10:48: Either Abercrombie & Fitch is all the rage in southern Indiana, or A&F paid those three guys behind Obama.

10:45: Obama, in Evansville, IN delivers post-PA speech.

10:39: Still waiting for Obama. In the meantime, Johnny Dollar’s been doing some editing, mostly related to FNC being first to call PA for Clinton. Terry McAuliffe: “Fair and Balanced Fox, you beat em all.”

10:32: “Yes we will!” Hillary wraps up. Margin hangs at 8%.

10:15: And here’s Hillary speaking in Philly. The three cable nets on it.

10:11: Anderson Cooper spotted lurking behind the BPTOT (all 18 of them) and Campbell Brown with the understatement of the night: “let me go over here, there are too many people talking here!”

10:00: Hannity and Colmes pick up coverage on FNC.

9:57: Chris Wallace to Brit Hume: NC settles nothing. Two weeks from now, same time, same station. “See you on the train,” says Hume.

9:48: Clinton & Obama waiting until 10pmET to speak, so more people are home to watch? Shrewd. Especially since all of NC and most of IN are in the eastern time zone.

9:47: Nightly News updates complete. Brian Williams joins MSNBC for the first time.

9:42: Norah O’Donnell‘s baby will be born with the knowledge that “53% of Clinton voters” in PA “would vote for Barack Obama” in the general election.”

9:40: Olbermann to Matthews: “You mentioned Alan Keyes (former MSNBC show host) and 44 guys in our control room pitched right forward over the desk.”

9:32: Hume: Coming up we’ll hear from Megyn Kelly and exit polls. “We don’t want to miss that, I know I don’t,” Hume says.

9:29: Rove: “this will come to a close at some point, and when it does the Democratic nominee will have a huge bump in the polls and in the press coverage.”

9:20: FNC has been teasing viewers along in an interesting way: “awaiting margin” reads the lower third.

9:15: Scarborough brings up the now-canceled CBS debate suggesting Clinton challenge Obama to a once a week debate until the May 6 primaries (NC & IN).

9:10: John King works the two finger swipe on the Magic Wall.

9:08: FNC’s Fred Barnes says “John McCain is the luckiest man in American politics.”

9:04: CNN calls it for Clinton.

8:54: CNN hasn’t called it yet. John King at the Magic Wall talking suburban Philly.

8:54: Brian Williams simultaneously updates west coast Nightly News and anchors NBC special report on Clinton win.

8:53: Charlie Gibson anchors an ABC News special report, while updating WN west coast, projecting Clinton wins PA. Stephanopoulos with him in NY.

8:50: MSNBC next to call PA for Clinton. Tom Brokaw calls it for the network. “Didn’t mean to steal your thunder,” says Brokaw to Matthews and Olbermann.

8:45: Fox News projects Hillary Clinton wins PA.

8:45: Did we say it was still “too early to call.” Okay we just did.

8:34: First vote totals coming in. Less than 1% reporting but Clinton has 66% to Obama’s 34%.

8:31: With no vote totals, and little storyline, Brit Hume tells Karl Rove to “get Ed Rendell on the phone.” Rove says he’s getting his cell phone and will give him a call. Wonder if Rove has Rendell in his Fave 5.

8:29: Campbell Brown sums it up just before break, with no call yet, there’s “a lot more ahead.”