Let’s Overanalyze This

By Brian 

Insiders are still buzzing about the news that Katie Couric won’t be co-hosting the Opening Ceremonies alongside Bob Costas on Friday. NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams, who flew to Italy yesterday, is taking her place.

“When were the last Opening Ceremonies at the Olympics that Katie didn’t anchor?,” an e-mailer asks. Couric hosted the ceremonies in Sydney (2000), Salt Lake (2002) and Athens (2004).

A press release on Sunday said she is “unable to take part in the Torino Opening Ceremony as she will miss this week’s Opening Ceremony rehearsals in Torino due to her live anchoring of the TODAY show from Rome, Florence and Milan” beginning Monday.”

“Is this the beginning of her farewell? Is NBC sending her a message about what CBS can’t offer her? Does she care? That’s all anyone is talking about,” the e-mailer says…