Lesley Stahl, Web Entrepreneur

By Alissa Krinsky 

CBS’ Lesley Stahl, along with four other women, are establishing a new website, wowowow.com. Geared toward women 40 and over, it’s scheduled to launch on Saturday.

According to the New York TimesStephanie Rosenbloom, the site will feature “posts about love and marriage, health and fashion”, as well as political commentary.

Stahl’s co-founders include gossip columnist Liz Smith, ad exec Mary Wells, author/columnist/former White House speechwriter Peggy Noonan, and ex-Simon & Schuster president Joni Evans. There are numerous contributors lined up, including Hollywood figures Candice Bergen, Whoopi Goldberg, Marlo Thomas, and Lily Tomlin.


“Wowowow’s chief appeal,” writes Rosenbloom, “may be the glimpse it promises into the personal lives and beliefs of a group of businesswomen who broke through glass ceilings.” Rosenbloom reports that the founders of the site are equal partners who shared a “start-up investment” of $1 million, and “backed it with their own money.”

>More, from an emailer: “I’ve just turned 40 myself, but seriously, to advertise your site ‘for women over 40’ is a crazy huge demographic. While I have met and admire many of the founders and contributors of the site, I doubt I have much in common with them. It will be neat to read about Studio 54 and Halston in the 70s (again) but that’s just cool hep cat history for me. I’m tired of the ‘Over 40’ moniker. Why don’t marketers just write for ‘Women Over 40 through Death.'”