Brit Hume: “As Long As Our Competitors Are Convinced That We’re A Right-Wing News Organization, They Never Will Get It”

By Chris Ariens 

FNC’s Brit Hume talked with the magazine of his alma mater, the University of Virginia about how he got his start in the biz and about the current state of TV journalism.

“I caught on with a newspaper up in Connecticut that fateful year of 1965. The first day I was in that place, working in that hectic and cacophonous atmosphere of that old newsroom, I knew I was home and I loved it. I thought it was the coolest thing you could possibly do.”

When asked how he responds to the perception that FNC “lean[s] to the right and do[es] not present a balanced picture,” Hume says, “As long as our competitors are convinced that we’re a right-wing news organization out to promote right-wing causes, they never will get it. That’s good news for us. They can’t fix their problem because they don’t understand it. As long as they continue to think in that way, they’re probably not going to gain much ground on us.”

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