Leak: Notes & Quotes

By Brian 

> Blogging on ABCNews.com, Jake Tapper offers “a play in one Act, courtesy of ABC News’s Sunlen Miller, staking out Karl Rove’s house…”

> CNN fired up The Situation Room early again today; Wolf Blitzer started anchoring at 10am, and the simulcast aired on CNN International.

> ICN notes that FNC was in no hurry to repeat the New York Times’ scoop that Lewis Libby would be indicted today. CNN and MSNBC both reported the news around 10:30pm, but Greta Van Susteren was busy interviewing Beth Holloway Twitty. Greta got to the news at 10:56pm. “Tonight the NYT is reporting that lawyers in the case expect Scooter Libby…to be indicted tomorrow,” she said, adding: “The New York Times is reporting that but it’s not a done deal until we hear it.”

> NBC’s First Read: “You could fairly say that Bush lost control of the political agenda when he left for vacation and has yet to get it back.”

> Update: 5:52pm: Court TV also covered the CIA leak story. Chief anchor Fred Graham anchored beginning at 9am…