Leak: CBS Airs 9am Special Report

By Brian 

“Please make sure you note that CBS News is blowing everyone else out of the water on the CIA leak story,” a tipster said this morning.

CBS was the first network to report definitively, based on its own sourcing, that Libby would be indicted today. Bob Schieffer anchored an across-the-board special report at 9am. National political correspondent Gloria Borger broke the news.

“Gloria Borger has learned from sources close to the investigation that Vice President Cheney’s top aide, Scooter Libby, will be indicted,” Schieffer said.

At 9:12am, two minutes after the special report ended, Carl Cameron reported the news in a phoner on FNC.

CNN was more cautious; at 10:57am, its chyron said “Lawyer in leak case: Lewis Libby informed he may be indicted.” Update: 11:15am: “It’s not ‘cautious;’ it’s called not having confidence in their mediocre sources,” an e-mailer says. Update: 11:20am: At 7:36am, Bob Franken reported that Rove was told he is NOT going to be indicted today according and that, according to John King, Libby was told he MAY be indicted.