Lauren Green Leaves Fox & Friends To Become FNC’s Religion Correspondent

By Brian 

From Friday’s Fox & Friends:

STEVE DOOCY: Today is kind of the end of an era on the Fox & Friends program. After working the early shift for many many years, Lauren Green is getting promoted to a beat that she is so excited about.

GREEN: Very excited about.

DOOCY: What are you going to do?

GREEN: I am going to be the religion correspondent. And I know that people think of religion as sort of a defined, smaller area. But actually the idea of faith and faith issues is all-encompassing in our lives, and it really takes over everything that we do. So it’s a huge field that I am very excited to take on.

> Also: ICN says Alisyn Camerota will replace Green “when she gets back from her maternity leave in the spring…”