Keteyian To Head CBS Investigative Unit: “Our Mandate Is To Make & Break News”

By Brian 

Sean McManus called Armen Keteyian with a job offer about five weeks ago. “I was frankly honored to be asked,” Keteyian tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Paul Gough reports: “The new investigative team initially will include about a half-dozen people, including a senior producer yet to be named and production assistants. Eventually, it will include a Washington-based producer/reporter, Keteyian said.”

“Our mandate is to make and break news, to create stories that are smart, compelling stories that resonate with our audience,” he said. “It’s an open book at this point.”

> Also: He tells the Philadelphia Inquirer: “I took a long, hard look at leaving Real Sports,” he says. “To lead this unit for a network like CBS is the pinnacle of the profession. It’s a big landscape and a big new challenge.”