Cafferty: “Totally Out Of Line?”

By Brian 

CNN’s Jack Cafferty hit a nerve yesterday when he called Fox News the “F-word network” and suggested that Brit Hume would toss Dick Cheney softballs. “How can you give Cafferty and his awful and hateful comments a pass?,” a tipster asks.

“Jack Cafferty should not be allowed to make such awful comments about rival news networks on a news program,” one e-mailer says.

And an e-mailer who says he works at MSNBC points out: “If anyone called NBC the “N-word network” or CNN the “C-word network”, all hell would break loose. I’m not pro FNC, obviously, but this was totally out of line.”

> Update: 2pm: “Hey, did you notice that Cafferty sounded off on the Cheney interview before it aired? What kind of journalism is that? Cafrerty style, sour grapes meets local news.” But a second e-mailer adds: “Look, the man in a commentator. His purpose is not to make people happy and to say safe things. His whole purposes is to make people think!”