Kennedy News Brings Scramble

By SteveK 

The breaking news regarding the diagnosis of Sen. Ted Kennedy with a malignant brain tumor has moved the cable news networks into wall-to-wall coverage mode.

MSNBC had the news, from an AP report at first, at 1:08pmET, with FNC following less than one minute later and CNN reporting the news a minute after that. All the networks were also able to confirm the news with their own reports shortly thereafter.

ABC News was the only network to break in with a special report, anchored by Terry Moran, beginning at 1:18pmET.

On MSNBC, Chris Matthews and Brian Williams quickly joined Andrea Mitchell in studio to give their take. On FNC, Bret Baier has joined the broadcast, while Candy Crowley gives her take on CNN.

So far, many of the cablers have reported on a statement from Sen. John McCain, and a response from President Bush is forthcoming. Reactions from other senators and candidates are likely as the story develops.