Networks Ready For OR/KY Primaries

By SteveK 

After a quick decision in West Virginia, it’s time for another lengthy primary night from the networks. TVNewser will be back live blogging (and, back by popular demand, we’ll be using CoverItLive) beginning at 7pmET.

Polls in Kentucky close at 7pmET, while polls in Oregon are open until 11pmET. Join us for one of the last primary nights of the 2008 season:

• ABC: Kate Snow follows the Clinton campaign and David Wright follows the Obama campaign. World News with Charles Gibson will be updated for time zones across the country, with George Stephanopoulos contributing analysis. Terry Moran anchors Nightline, featuring primary results and analysis.

• CNN: Wolf Blitzer anchors coverage starting at 7pmET, and is joined by Campbell Brown, Anderson Cooper and Lou Dobbs. Larry King Live airs at MidnightET.

• FNC: Brit Hume anchors coverage of election results from 7-8pmET, and again from 11pm-MidnightET. Shepard Smith moderates the Strategy Room. The O’Reilly Factor, Hannity & Colmes and On The Record air as scheduled.

• MSNBC: Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews anchor from 6pmET-MidnightET, and Dan Abrams takes over with After Hours from Midnight-2amET. Joe Scarborough will be on remote from Florida to serve as an “Insider,” along with Harold Ford, Jr..

• CNBC: “Kudlow & Company” is live tonight at 7pmET, reporting on primary results.