Katrina: It’s Not Just The Media — The Frustration “Goes To The Core”

By Brian 

Tonight Anderson Cooper relayed a conversation with, I assume, Senator Trent Lott:

“I talked to a politician today, a senator, and he’s very nice and I respect a lot of what he’s doing. He has suffered personally a loss in this. But I asked him, you know, were resources deployed to Iraq that, if they weren’t deployed to Iraq, would they be here? And he said, That’s just a question the media is asking.

And you know, I actually said to him, You know what? That’s not a question the media is asking, that’s a question Charles Kierney, a guy who came up to me today white-hot with anger, whose home has been destroyed– that’s the question he wanted me to ask.

You know people are just frustrated they’re not getting answers, and I get that. And you know what? It’s not even frustration, it’s anger. You know, people aren’t frustrated. A lot of politicians will tell you, Well, you know, I understand the frustration of people here.

People aren’t frustrated, people are dying. People are dead and people are dying in New Orleans, and that’s not– you know, it goes much deeper than frustration, it goes to the core.”