Katrina: Iraq, Environment, Politics, Race, Infrastructure, Fossil Fuels, Economy, Class…

By Brian 

For the first time since Monday, Brian Williams‘ BlackBerry works. He is outside FEMA headquarters in Baton Rouge, and blogs his trip from New Orleans:

“In the backseat of the rental car (with water and frame damage) is a case of Vienna sausages we had to give away in case we were stopped on the streets at night — emergency collateral. We all just used a bathroom for the first time in about a week, and yet I don’t think it had any impact on us. We’ve become used to seeing our fellow Americans living in a state less than human…”

More: “It is ever more apparent — and remember, we’ve been seeing only limited media coverage of this — that before this is over (perhaps when my own children become parents themselves), this hurricane and the response will involve issues as wide-ranging as Iraq, the environment, politics, race, infrastructure, fossil fuels, the global economy, class and our social comnnectedness.”