‘Katie will participate fully in the work and life of ABC News’

By Chris Ariens 

Katie Couric’s deal with ABC is one of the most unique arrangements in TV today. It was crucial to Couric that any pact have a news component to it. But in its uniqueness there are many questions about how it will all work. Here are just some of the questions and the answers from ABC sources:

What is her role with ABC News?

Katie’s main mission is to create and launch a successful syndicated show. In the run up to launch, she will join the ABC News team and bring her many talents to bear on some of the most important and interesting stories of our time. After the syndicated show launches, she will continue to play a role at ABC News.


When will she start at ABC News?

Katie joins the ABC News team immediately and will begin to contribute this summer.

Will her role at ABC News change when the syndicated show begins?

Certainly the syndicated show will be Katie’s primary focus but we are thrilled that there will be great synergies between the show and the news division.

How frequently will she appear on ABC News?

She will contribute regularly as she enterprises stories, books interviews and will anchor and co-anchor where and when we need her too.

Will she have a home or range across the entire ABC News division?

Katie is a very versatile journalist, story teller and interviewer. She will contribute across the entire division.

Will she anchor?

Katie will participate fully in the work and life of ABC News. She’ll anchor, she’ll co-anchor, she’ll host, she’ll interview, she’ll travel …

Will she book interviews for ABC News?

Absolutely. Katie is a tremendous draw for big interviews and she will play an important role getting exclusive interviews.