Journos Are “Taking A Lot Of Hits”

By Brian 

CNN cofounder Reese Schonfeld weighed in on the Eason Jordan scandal on the Fox News Channel today. “Eason Jordan can’t keep his mouth shut,” Schonfeld said on Fox & Friends, but “he didn’t do anything that was that awful, except — we’ve got to stop picking on our own people, the journalists. Eason Jordan was trying to defend the lives of journalists in Iraq, and we are taking a lot of hits.” I like this excerpt from Johnny Dollar’s instant transcript:

 SCHONFELD: But remember that a US tank rolled up in front of the Hotel Palestine which is where all the journalists were, right when we moved into Baghdad, turned the turret around, pointed its gun, and fired up at the building, and killed–

KILMEADE: That’s what CNN reported.

SCHONFELD: No, that’s what is reported.

After Schonfeld finished his thought, Doocy changed the subject to Jordan’s infamous NYT editorial. Roone also talked to Neil Cavuto on Your World…