Jon Stewart Pokes Fun At Jon Klein

By Brian 

From Wednesday night’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart, courtesy of my cousin FishBowlNY:

 JON KLEIN: “Television’s all about visceral experience, whether in a reality program with people eating bugs or a news program with the waves crashing and the wind shrieking and the signs plummeting at your feet.”

JON STEWART: “CNN: The 24 hour news network that aspires to be as good as Fear Factor.”

> Also: FishBowlNY says Stewart also showed the now-infamous Anderson Cooper-warding-off-aluminum-signage video, and said: “That flying debris almost cut Anderson into…180.”

> Update: 1:40pm: “HLN showed that clip from The Daily Show earlier today….good to hear CNN can take a joke!,” an e-mailer says.