Joe Scarborough Cuts Off Donald Trump: ‘You Can’t Just Talk … Go to Break’

By Brian Flood 

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump got combative during a phone conversation on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Tuesday while discussing his call to ban Muslims from traveling into the United States. At one point, a visibly agitated Joe Scarborough said, “you can’t just talk. No, you got to let us actually ask questions. You’re just talking.”

It all started when Mika Brzezinski essentially told Trump she was scared of his new policy position.

“I’m not blind to the emotions that you’re tapping into, but I also think there’s a number of Americans you’re really scaring right now, including me. I’m worried that this is rhetoric that is fueling hatred and alienation and possibly something worse,” Brzezinski said.

“Well, I think you should be more scared by what’s going on,” Trump said.

After Trump gave a lengthy explanation, Brzezinski mentioned that even Republicans are condemning his plan.

“Well, they’ve been condemning practically everything I say and then they come to my side. They were condemning the wall, they were condemning illegal immigration, they were condemning all of the things I’ve been espousing. And now most of them are on my side. And the ones that aren’t on my side are down to about 0 in the polls and they’re not going to go anywhere,” Trump said.

The back and forth continued between Trump and Brzezinski before Scarborough intervened. Scarborough eventually threatened to “go to break if you keep talking” before Trump replied, “go to break, then, Joe. All I’m doing is giving you the facts, and you don’t want to hear the facts.”

Scarborough then quickly said, “Go to break, everybody. Go to break. Go to break. Go to break right now.”

Despite a few disagreements, everyone seemed to play nice after the commercial break. Well, kind of. Check it out below.

Before the break:

After the break: