Jeff Zucker: No Puppies for ‘New Day’

By Brian Flood 

CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker got together for lunch with a group of media reporters Thursday to discuss Bill Weir‘s new show “The Wonder List.” Things got interesting when Zucker was asked about CNN’s morning show, “New Day”

The CNN boss started off by saying he was “really proud” of the morning show, which airs from 6-9amET with co-hosts Chris Cuomo, Alisyn Camerota and Michaela Pereira.

“In television, there are often sayings, promos and things, and people say ‘most news in the morning,’ which is what we’re saying about ‘New Day.’ Usually that’s bullshit. People say that, but its usually bullshit,” Zucker said. “I actually think we’re delivering on that. I think there is more news on ‘New Day’ than any other news outlet in the morning on television and I think that’s why we’re succeeding.”


TVNewser then jokingly asked, “There won’t be a puppy on ‘New Day’?” To which Zucker replied, “There will not be a puppy.”

TodayPuppyThe room then started discussing the “Today” show puppy, Wrangler. To which Zucker asked, “like the jeans?”

A reporter in the room replied, “No, like a talent wrangler.”

Zucker then asked the room what type of dog Wrangler is before saying “animals have a proud tradition on the ‘Today’ show and were always a big part of the programs’ success,” before joking “and I’m not talking about any of the hosts.”

The room went on to discuss Wrangler for another few minutes before Zucker intervened with, “this is kind of proving my point. The most news in the morning is at ‘New Day,'”