FBN Celebrates Presidents’ Day with JFK-Themed ‘Strange Inheritance’

By Brian Flood 

In honor of Presidents’ Day, Fox Business Network will air a special edition of “Strange Inheritance” at 9pmET. Host Jamie Colby heads to Boston to speak with the heirs of a series of letters that John F. Kennedy wrote to the mother of a sailor killed on his navy vessel, PT-109.

“Holding history in my hands – these letters from a compassionate naval commander and then U.S. President John F. Kennedy written to a mother who tragically lost her son on PT-109 – was an experience that you will share with me,” Colby told TVNewser.

The letters contain rare details about PT-190’s deadly encounter with a Japanese destroyer. Colby’s new show has been a big hit so far, debuting as the as the network’s highest-rated show launch ever. TVNewser caught up with Colby when the show was about to debut, and she was excited from the beginning.