Jeff Glor Steps Into Evening News Anchor Chair at a Pivotal Time for the Network

By A.J. Katz 

Jeff Glor takes over the CBS Evening News anchor chair today, hoping to bring some stability to the network’s flagship newscast during a chaotic period for TV news.

Glor, 42, has anchored morning shows, evening newscasts, and served as a correspondent, reporting for multiple CBS News programs. Despite that wide array of experience, Glor, who was named the 7th anchor in the 55-year history of the broadcast in October, is still not quite a household name to the wider American public. 

The CBS Evening News has been mired in third place for years, and is posting audience declines from the previous broadcast season. ABC World News Tonight With David Muir recently became the most-watched evening newscast after years of dominance by NBC, but the Lester Holt-anchored newscast remains the most-watched among adults 25-54, the demographic most coveted by advertisers of news. He has his work cut out for him.

CBS News president David Rhodes believes Glor, who is now the youngest of the three evening news anchors, “will lead CBS Evening News into a digital future.” Glor was the original anchor for CBS News’s streaming service CBSN when it launched in November 2014. And beginning tonight, the Evening News will rebroadcast at 10 p.m. ET/ 7 p.m. PT on CBSN.

We caught up with Glor last week at CBS News headquarters in Manhattan:

TVNewser: What does Jeff Glor bring to the CBS Evening News that stands out from the pack?

Glor: I have been here for a little more than 10 years. I have tried to get out there and report in the field as much as possible. Hopefully, I can bring some of that experience into this job. I think the goal is that I will continue to travel and get to the scene of news as often as possible, and I will be aggressive in covering that news.

TVNewser: Who has given you the best advice as you step into this significant role?

A lot of the folks who have had these jobs before have given me some of the best advice, to be honest with you. I believe I have spoken with everyone who has had this job and others at different networks, and they have all been extremely generous with their time and advice.

TVNewser: You have reported for, or been a host on nearly every CBS News program over your 10 years here. The Early Show, weekend edition of the Evening News. Reported for CBS Sunday Morning, and Showtime’s 60 Minutes Sports. Subbing in on CBS This Morning. Has working on all of these programs been enjoyable for you, or would you preferred to focus your talents on a single program?

I have tried to make the most out of every broadcast that I have been a part of. Each one is different in different ways, and I think each one allows you to do things that can be fulfilling. I’m really happy that I have had the chance to have that breadth of experience here.

TVNewser: Stories of sexual harassment in the workplace have hit home in recent days with Matt Lauer fired from Today Show just this morning, and your former colleague Charlie Rose let go last week. What are your thoughts on what’s happening right now, and how has [CBS News president] David Rhodes lead the CBS News team through this?

I am just as shocked by the news this morning as everyone else. In terms of the news last week, I was stunned. That is not the guy I knew. I think like a lot of others I’m still trying to process that. I appreciate David’s leadership at this time, and I thought his note last week was spot on.

TVNewser: At 42, you are now the youngest network evening news anchor. Considering all of these changes in how people consume news these days, what do you think the evening newscast will look like when you’re, say, 62?

There were questions about the evening news when I graduated from college. I think there will still be questions 20 years from now, there will always be questions of how the news is consumed. I think as long as we are doing our best, accurate, truthful reporting, and as long as we’re telling stories in the best way possible, I hope that people will find us. Whether that’s a television screen, an iPhone, an iPad, a computer screen, or something else, our job is to report, and our job is to put together the best stories possible, and I think we’ll find outlets for those if we’re doing our job.

TVNewser: Do you keep track of ratings?

I’m conscious of it, but it’s not something I’m paying attention to all the time.

TVNewser: What do you like to do to decompress?

Well, I spend a lot of time with the family, though that’s not always decompressing! My daughter is potty training and my son is quite active. So, to decompress, I like reading. There’s nothing like time with a good book.

TVNewser: Give our readers your “elevator pitch.” Why should the CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor be the go-to evening newscast for 2018?

We’re going to cover the news straight, and fair, and accurately. CBS News, the organization, means an enormous amount to me. I am thrilled, beyond words, to play a part in its future, and I hope they can give us a shot!