Jay Leno’s Garage Renewed for Season 2

By Chris Ariens 

CNBC has renewed Jay Leno’s Garage for a second season. The show debuted in October as the most-watched original CNBC series. It also ended its 8-episode first season as the most-watched new CNBC show.

“We are really excited to be picked up for another season,” said Leno. “We have a lot of great things planned. It will be a wild ride.”

Before season one launched, Leno told Adweek’s Jason Lynch why he chose to bring the show to CNBC: “I like the demo—it’s smart. I watch these car shows where people throw tools at each other, and they don’t really learn anything. Whereas CNBC is upscale: I watch the ads and it’s all Mercedes-Benz and upscale stuff like that. And it’s a chance to be not necessarily a big fish in a small pond, but it just looks like a nice place to be.”


Season 2 returns in the spring with 12 new episodes.