Greta Van Susteren to Write the Book on Social Media

By Chris Ariens 

FNC host Greta Van Susteren has been on social media before there was social media. As we reported 10 years ago on TVNewser, Van Susteren has always been an advocate of two-way media. Here’s what she presciently told the LA Times in a profile in 2005: “I much prefer to interact with the viewers than just talk at them. It’s where I think the business is headed.”

Well, now Van Susteren is compiling her best practices of social media into a new book, to be published by Simon & Schuster in 2017.

The as-yet untitled book aims to show people how to engage an audience and track down the best conversations happening on social. “Social media allows me to connect with my viewers in an unprecedented way,” said Van Susteren. “I love being able to instantly engage with everyone from critics to fans. Navigating the ever-changing world of social media isn’t always easy, but I’ve learned many helpful tips and tricks along the way.”

Before the widespread adoption of Facebook and Twitter, Van Susteren was engaging viewers on her blog, GretaWire, which is still going strong.

“Greta was one of the first journalists to see the power of social media, and she keeps adapting to its latest incarnations,” said Priscilla Painton, vp and executive editor at Simon & Schuster. “I look forward to a book that will be fun, informative and that will speak with her honest voice.”