Janice Dean Returns to Fox & Friends

By A.J. Katz 

Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean made her return to Fox & Friends this morning. Dean was off the air for nearly two months due to negative side effects from cosmetic surgery to smooth out wrinkles on her neck.

Dean suffered harsh side effects from “fractora” treatement, including nerve injury, marginal mandibular nerve palsy, the inability to depress her lower lip and a temporary change to her facial expression. She wrote an op-ed for FoxNews.com where she shares the importance of fully understanding the risks of any procedure before undergoing one. She writes:

Here’s what I’ve learned: These new lasers, injections and cosmetic procedures that look as if they can turn back time? There’s a little more to it. There are risks. It takes a while to heal. It’s also expensive. There are many possible complications that we need to be aware of before we sign on the dotted line. We should ask our doctors the worst- case scenario so we’re prepared.


Have a look at Dean’s return to Fox & Friends.