Deborah Feyerick Leaving CNN

By Chris Ariens 

After 20 years, Deborah Feyerick is leaving CNN next month. CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker broke the news during this morning’s editorial meeting.

“Deb is a terrific journalist and has served CNN so well for almost 20 years,” a CNN spokesperson said. “She also happens to be a wonderful colleague and we are excited for her and wish her nothing but the best.”

“It is with great pride and profound gratitude that, after 20 years at CNN, I say farewell,” added Feyerick.


Feyerick has specialized in crime, terrorism and breaking news in her reporting. Most recently she covered the the attacks in Paris and Brussels, and investigated the roots of terror going back to 9/11.

She also led CNN’s investigation into the heroin epidemic; she got exclusive interviews with members of the Orlando SWAT team following the massacre at the Pulse Night club; and produced and anchored documentaries and long-form pieces following the Boston Marathon bombings.

“With great excitement, I am heading out to pursue new projects inspired by the people I have met, the stories I have covered and the colleagues I am lucky to call friends,” said Feyerick.

Before joining CNN, Feyerick was a reporter and anchor for NY1 News.