Jane Pauley Shares the Screen With Madam Secretary

By A.J. Katz 

She’s not just a news anchor. She plays one on TV.

Guest hosting CBS Sunday Morning Jane Pauley took viewers behind the scenes of her cameo on last night’s Madam Secretary, where she played Jane Pauley. “Let’s face it. I’m no actress,” Pauley joked, after showing another clip: her 2014 appearance on the Amazon original series Alpha House where she interviews incarcerated Sen. Vernon Smits (played by Bill Murray).

In last night’s Madam Secretary, Pauley played the host of a fictitious talk show (which looks suspiciously like Charlie Rose‘s real talk show) called The Jane Pauley Show. As longtime readers remember, Pauley hosted a daytime talk show by the same name in 2004-2005. Pauley isn’t the first TV newser to turn up on the CBS prime time program. Bob Schieffer had a cameo a year ago this month. WATCH: