Jacko Not Guilty: Legal Analysts Open Mouth, Insert Foot…

By Brian 

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This afternoon, just before the not-guilty verdict, former prosecutor Wendy Murphy appeared on Fox News, and the transcript tells the story:

“This is the exact number of days it took the Scott Peterson jury to reach its verdict. Frankly, it is too long for an acquittal, not quite long enough for a hung jury. I don’t think it’s quite long enough for an outright acquittal. I think there is no question we will see convictions here.”

“Really?,” Shep asked, but she was unyielding:

“No questions in terms of the timing. I don’t think there is any doubt but what I’m worried about because I do think he’s guilty is that we may see convictions on something as minor as giving alcohol to a child and not guilty on everything else and I think that would be a terrible compromise for frankly an outright loss for the prosecution and Michael Jackson will not go to prison.”