Jacko Not Guilty: “We Can’t Be Above The News,” Brian Williams Says, But “Tonight, At Long Last, It Is Time To Move On”

By Brian 

The transcript of Brian Williams‘ closing note on this evening’s NBC Nightly News:

 Finally tonight a little perspective following the conclusion of a spectacle of a trial.

A lot of people, especially those who write to and e-mail us, have wondered about the importance of covering the molestation trial of a 46-year-old pop star, who’s best professional moments may well be behind him.

While we have tried very hard to limit coverage of the Jackson trial to the most newsworthy days in the proceedings, a great man who used to occupy this chair often said: we can’t be above the news, either.

Here’s where the perspective comes in: in the time since Jackson’s arrest, a President’s been elected, a Pope has died and been replaced, a tsunami has changed the world and Iraqis have voted. Also, consider this: Since the Jackson arrest: 1,322 Americans have died and another 11,000 have been wounded, in two armed conflicts overseas.

Tonight, at long last, it is time to move on.

I hope we’re not moving onto another court case…