Is NBC’s Today Show Ripping Off ABC’s ‘What Would You Do?’

By Chris Ariens 

NBC’s Today show debuted a new series Monday they’re calling Step In or Step Off. In it, a group of actors play out a situation in public while hidden cameras capture the reactions of unsuspecting onlookers to determine what they would do.

In fact, that sounds a lot like ‘What Would You Do?’ the ABC series hosted by John Quinones. What makes this even more interesting, the correspondent on the NBC series, Jeff Rossen is married to Danielle Rossen, who is the executive producer of the long running ABC News show, and an 18-year ABC News veteran. We talked with Danielle Rossen last summer, where we came to learn her husband’s favorite show is Unreal on Lifetime. Some viewers noticed the very real similarities between one Rossen’s NBC story and another Rossen’s ABC show.

What do you think. Is this a ripoff?