Iraqi President References The CNN Effect: “CNN Is A Platform Of Democracy & Debate”

By Brian 

Jabal Talabani, president of Iraq, began his address to the CNN World Report Conference with a message to the network:

“On behalf of the people of Iraq, I extend my congratulations to CNN on its 25th anniversary. You have played an important role, both in the news media and upon the course of history. Most importantly, you have presented free media that is such a vital component of democracy. CNN is a platform of democracy and debate, not a megaphone of terrorism like some Arab medias.

I still remember the important role that CNN played in 1991 when it highlighted the plight of millions of Iraqi Kurds and Iraqi Shittes that were being prosecuted by Saddam’s regime.

The CNN effect played an important role setting up the no-fly-zone over northern and southern Iraq. CNN, by tearing away the curtain by which tyranny hides its crimes, contributed to saving many thousands of lives.”