“Rules Are Made To Be Broken”

By Brian 

“Rules are made to [be] broken — at least for CNBC chairman Pamela Thomas-Graham,” Page Six says, following up on yesterday’s report that PTG has been allowed to join the board of directors of Idenix Pharmaceuticals. The paper quotes an insider: “How can CNBC cover the drug industry when she’s a director at a drug company?”

> Also: A CNBC staffer tells TVNewser: “We have a segment producer who is legally blind. He is in his late 20’s and his folks drive him to work. One day he will not have them to help him and his paltry salary will not help. Yet CNBC, in its infinite wisdom, with Pamela at the helm, ordered him to divest his holdings or leave. Thus far he has done neither, but where is the fairness here? Pamela should leave the CNBC Chairmanship immediately (it’s titular anyway), OR whomever cut her some slack ought to cut this producer some slack. Fair’s fair. Or doesn’t it matter for some? And while we’re at it, who’s monitoring Jim Cramer’s trades? Hmmm?”

> Update: 1:59pm: Jim Cramer e-mails TVNewser in response to the e-mailer’s question: “I agreed to place all my equity holdings in a charitable trust save thestreet.com stock which I founded long before I worked here. Otherwise I am not allowed to own any equities, and I don’t. I am in full compliance with the policy put into place by Pamela Thomas Graham. I welcome any and all scrutiny on this issue from both without and within the organization.” Cramer added that he donates all profits to charity…