Inside The Head Of A B’cast Standards Prod.

By Brian 

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Once again, NBC and are proving why every news network needs a behind-the-scenes blog:
On Monday, Lisa Green an NBC senior producer for broadcast standards, blogged the decision-making process for a recent Nightly News report. The Chip Reid package discussed the graphic sex scenes buried in “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas:”

  “As a broadcast standards producer, I was interested to see how Correspondent Chip Reid and his producers would propose to describe and show the hidden images on the broadcast.

Decisions about taste are a tricky part of our work. We think hard about how to convey information without unnecessarily offending viewers who don’t want to watch difficult material. We know there’s no consensus about what’s appropriate in every circumstance.

In this case, faced with some eye-popping game excerpts, we made careful choices in our words and pictures. Chip reported on scenes ‘so graphic we won’t show them, but this freeze frame should give you some idea.’ Before the broadcast, Senior Producer Sharon Hoffman showed me the freeze frame, and we agreed it was as far as we needed to go. As a broadcast standards producer, I was satisfied with our discretion.”
Here’s the blog…