Dolans Unscripted & The Turnaround To Be Replaced By General News Shows

By Brian 

Last week, TVNewser asked: “What is the future of business news on CNN?” It’s looking increasingly questionable: Today the New York Daily News confirms that “Dolans Unscripted” and “The Turnaround” are going off the air in a matter of weeks.

CNN will “replace its weekend biz shows with general news programs, which will be hosted by CNN weekend anchors Betty Nguyen, Tony Harris and Fredericka Whitfield.”

> “We’re not backing away from business coverage, we are finding new and better ways to showcase it,” Jon Klein says.

> “Saturday was the last taping” for the Dolans, a tipster says. “Reruns will air for three more weeks…the Dolans are gone and back in Florida.”