In Touch Editor Swears CNN & Fox Have Talked To Star Jones About A Job

By Brian 

“Every time we can do a story on Star Jones, more people watch,” Joe Scarborough admitted on MSNBC last night. That’s why CNN and Fox are reportedly interested in her. (They deny it.) On Scarborough Country, Tom O’Neil from In Touch Weekly talked about the rumors:

  O’NEIL: …But what’s really fascinating is the rumors about CNN and FOX News Channel. I was at CNN studio in Los Angeles the morning after her interview with Larry King. I was in the studios; I heard the people standing around talking who had been there the night before, that FOX News Channel actually called Star, reached her through the control room, right before she went in the chair with Larry. They were that eager to talk to her.

When I asked FOX News Channel about this, they said, ‘Well, we hear that she‘s talking to CNN.’

SCARBOROUGH: So you’re telling me that the FOX News Channel tracks Star Jones down when she was sitting — when she was about to go sit in the chair with Larry King at CNN headquarters?

O’NEIL: Yes. Now, both news channels deny this. They claim that they have not had conversations with Star, but that simply is not the case.

This morning, a tipster wrote: “Check with Elena Nachmanoff about when her appointment with Star is scheduled for.” She’s the vice president of talent development at NBC News…

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