Hurricane Dennis: Overnight

By Brian 

> Last night, just as I started wondering why Geraldo Rivera wasn’t in the hurricane’s path, he told ‘At Large’ viewers that he’s trying to get there by tomorrow. He better hurry!

> “Looks like FNC is the history channel this early Sunday morning, airing reruns of the prime time programs,” an e-mailer said at 1:45am. CNN was live all night, and MSNBC was airing documentaries…

> “CNN’s overnight coverage — the only offered from the three cable nets — provided excellent regular updates every 15 minutes. Betty Nguyen did great two-way phone interviews with shelter supervisors, and tossed to packages from a recent ‘Anderson Cooper 360’ hurricane special.”

> Why are all the cable anchors emphasizing the “killer” nature of this storm? “Deadly, deadly, deadly…”

> MSNBC began hurricane coverage in the wee hours of the morning; does anyone know the specific time they began coverage?