Hurricane Dennis: Sunday Cable

By Brian 

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FNC is usually live starting at 6am on Sunday, so we can we expect live coverage all day. We’ll see if the network decides to pre-empt the usual ‘Fox News Sunday’ reair.

CNN is the only network broadcasting live coverage through the early hours of Sunday. The O’Brien’s will begin anchoring eight hours of coverage at 6am. Fredericka Whitfield and Tony Harris take over until 6pm, when Kyra Phillips and Wolf Blitzer will man the anchor desk. Here’s the schedule.

MSNBC is calling in extra staff for afternoon and evening coverage. MSNBC Live will air from 7am to noon like usual, but additional coverage is planned for 1 to 5pm. Joe Scarborough will anchor from 6 to 8 and 9 to 10pm. Live coverage may continue until 2am.