Hurricane Dennis: Late Notes

By Brian 

> Geraldo Rivera anchored ‘At Large’ from Pensacola. “Dare I say your frequent flyer miles will be going through the roof,” Accuweather meteorologist Jim Kosik told Geraldo, referring to the new tropical depression in the Atlantic. “Jim, I just can’t believe you’re telling me that. I’m going to have a baby in three weeks,” he said…

> MSNBC’s Natalie Allen interviewed a “citizen journalist” via phone: Mari Darr-Welch of Fort Walton Beach, FL talked about the hurricane as her photos appeared on screen.

> 12:16am: FNC’s Rick Folbaum asked a guest: “Do you think perhaps God was looking over the people of the Gulf Coast, and did not want to subject people to another nightmare so soon after Ivan?”

> MSNBC’s Chris Jansing is co-hosting hurricane coverage from the Kennedy Space Center tonight. Her ‘Return to Flight’ special was supposed to premiere at 8pm, but it was pushed back to Tuesday night.

> WHAC notices that Wolf Blitzer “was trying to say Hurricane Headquarters, and started saying ‘CNN, Your Campaign Headquarters.’ He caught his self and didn’t get it all out.”

> At midnight, Kyra and Wolf handed the CNN anchor desk to Betty Nguyen and Carol Lin.