Hurricane Dennis: E-mails From Viewers

By Brian 

From an critical e-mailer: “Once again, the cable news channels have made absolute fools out of themselves, first hyping Dennis as the ‘storm of the century,’ then, when it fizzled as a major destructive force, adopting the meme that it’s a ‘miracle’ that there wasn’t more damage. They must think most viewers are morons…”

Many more comments from viewers, after the jump…

> “Fox got clobbered by CNN coverage during the hurricane. They need to get over it. I think Klein is right about CNN’s dominance in covering breaking news stories and events. Fox may have highly rated commentary shows, but CNN rules the roost when it comes to newsgathering.”

> “While Anderson Cooper and John Zarrella’s coverage is very compelling, but I’m also a bit bothered. I feel myself grinning with them at times, but this really isn’t a time for them to be having fun or for viewers to be enjoying the coverage — a lot of people are in trouble here! They almost play off of each other TOO well!”

> “Atlanta newsroom buzzing. This is the busiest it’s been in about a year. ‘Feels like old times’ is the phrase today. It’s something the staff there needed because morale under Klein is just so low.”

> “From Anderson Cooper and John Zarrella reporting nonstop from Pensacola and Chad Myers in Panama City to the rolling Rick Sanchez and the O’Briens anchoring, CNN is owning this story by far. MSNBC is a distant, I mean DISTANT second when it comes to the quality of coverage and imagery they are providing. FNC isn’t even in the playing field.”

> “I think Steve Harrigan’s coverage has been top-rated; his years of covering war zones really shines through on an event like this while Sanchez’s reporting just reminds me of local news.”

> “FNC should have sent Shep down there to cover the storm, or at least had him at the desk in NY anchoring. He knows his weather and their choice of Janice Dean to provide the weather forecasts and updates all day long leaves me (a regular FNC watcher) scratching my head.”