How E.D. Hill’s Wireless Mike Changed Fox & Friends Forever

By Brian 

“FOX & Friends” co-host E.D. Hill is on the cover of this month’s Westchester Wag. She explains how the morning show has evolved:

“When I started the job, it was a straight news show. The first thing I asked for was a wireless mike so I could walk around the studio if I wanted, and that wireless mike led to the downfall of the show as it was. The producers liked what I was doing, and soon the other anchors got wireless mikes. We started interacting more on air; we started arguing about issues. It was very different from the standard news fare.”

She says the different perspectives and opinions do a service to viewers. “People get all sides of the story,” she says. “Our mission is to give people the facts they need to be informed.”

Later in the story, she describes a near-death experience in 1996…