Who Needs An Oar?

By Brian 

Following up on this: Yes, it happened, and here’s the screen grab to prove it. “Is your oar hitting ground, Michelle?,” Katie Couric asked. “Of course not. It’s as smooth as silk,” Michelle Kosinski replied. The video is available on MSNBC.com.

> “Don Imus was all over this incident on MSNBC this morning,” ICN adds…

> “Notice that when she did her live shot on MSNBC she wasn’t in that stupid boat, so I guessed someone wised up and realized how dumb and immature she looked,” an insider adds.

> “Over the past few days Michelle Kozinski has played in to every conceivable cliche and criticism about what’s wrong with television news. The sad thing is that NBC allows her to continue to showboat in the midst of people’s heartache and tragedy. She was miserable in Aruba and she has been farsical and unprofessional live from New Jersey.”

> NewsBusters: “In a deliciously ironic twist of fate, shortly before airing a segment aimed at embarrassing the Bush administration by suggesting that it had staged a video conversation between the president and soldiers in Iraq, the Today show was caught staging…a video stunt.”