How Are You Bonding Remotely With Your Work Colleagues?

By A.J. Katz 

For the most recent installment of our weekly #AskNewsers feature, we asked TV newsers about what they’re doing to decompress and take a breather while covering the coronavirus pandemic.

The answers we received mostly revolved around an increased amount of family time, which is great!

For the fifth installment of #AskNewsers, we want to move from one family to the other: the work family.


We want to hear about how you’re remotely bonding with your work colleagues as everyone tries to keep their spirits up during the pandemic. Zoom happy hours? Nightly FaceTimes?

Email us this week at—or post stories and/or advice on your Twitter account about how you’re staying in touch with colleagues, using the hashtag #AskNewsers—and we’ll share everyone’s best tips and stories next week.