Horowitz’s Wife Murdered: TV Hosts React

By Brian 

> On CNN’s Live From, Nancy Grace talked about Horowitz: “We spent many, many evenings together, the three of us, during the Peterson trial,” she said. “…When I spoke to him on the phone yesterday, Kyra, his — he could hardly speak. He’s in so much pain. He sounds like a man broken in half. He was half whispering, half speaking. And I said, ‘What has happened?’ And he said, ‘She is the love of my life.’ He is not even speaking of her in the past tense. He is beside himself.”

> Greta Van Susteren never had Horowitz on her show, but she says the murder “certainly has many in the legal community rocked.”

> MSNBC’s Dan Abrams spoke to Horowitz, “a good friend of this program,” by phone this afternoon. He reported some details on MSNBC and on his Sidebar blog.

> The story will also be covered on Rita Cosby and Joe Scarborough‘s MSNBC shows tonight…