Can Stunts Stop This Gap From Closing? GMA Just 150,000 Away From Today

By Brian 

“Another morning, another stunt on the Today show,” an e-mailer says: “Katie Couric interviewed Dakota Fanning about her new film while riding horseback in Central Park. They had WNBC’s helicopter overhead taking shots, and two cameramen riding horses backwards to catch the oh-so important interview with the starlet. The dual-camera shots were horrible, bumpy, ineffective use of the zoom lens, etc.”

“You can expect a lot more stunts as the new team tries to hold on to its incredible shrinking lead,” another e-mailer says, referring to this TV Week story:

“After a summer watching NBC’s No. 1 Today show run 400,000 or more viewers ahead, ABC’s Good Morning America narrowed the gap to 150,000 the week of Oct. 3-7, according to data from Nielsen Media Research. That’s GMA’s closest finish since May, when the ABC morning show was three quarters of the way through its highest-rated season ever.”