Here’s What David Muir Had to Say About His Experience Inside Notre Dame Cathedral

By A.J. Katz 

ABC World News Tonight anchor David Muir recently returned from Paris, where he was working on a story about the rebuilding effort at the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris.

The second-most-important Catholic church in the western world, and by far the most iconic in France caught fire on Monday, April 15.

Thankfully, no one was killed as a result of the blaze, although the cathedral’s legendary spire collapsed, and as viewers will see during tonight’s World News Tonight broadcast, much of the cathedral’s interior was decimated.

Muir received a inside tour of the cathedral, and was able to see the magnitude of the damage.

According to Muir, getting that tour was no easy feat.

“From the moment the world watched that spire pierce the roof of the cathedral, everyone wondered would the cathedral be saved, and we have been working for weeks to try to see what was left first-hand,” he told TVNewser.

Muir interviewed Retired General Jean-Louis Georgelin for the story. He is the man who is in charge of restoring the iconic cathedral.

“As we walked through the cathedral it was haunting with the charred remains of the spire still sitting there in the nave, but there was also hope,” said Muir. “The organ was saved.  The statue of the Virgin Mary was saved – and we had chills when we saw that cross up close still standing.  The same cross that gave people hope in the hours after the fire.”