Here’s How Fox News Was Featured at Fox Upfront 2023

By A.J. Katz 

Fox Corp. held its 2023 upfront presentation Monday afternoon in Manhattan, and in addition to sports, entertainment and Tubi, Fox News Media was a featured part of the presentation, as one would expect.

Harris Faulkner was among the personalities who were spotlighted in the upfront opening sizzle reel.

Fox News ad sales chief Jeff Collins kicked off the Fox News portion of the Fox upfronta longer portion than usualnoting that 20 shows launched across Fox News Media over the past two years, “covering not only hard news, but also lifestyle content; which now comprises 40% of our overall audience reach.”


Collins then introduced America’s Newsroom co-anchors Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino, who touted the network’s Nielsen ratings, (“delivering ratings at a broadcast scale all day long,” said Hemmer) and the upcoming presidential election coverage including the first Republican primary debate this coming August. The duo also touted a diversity of programming offerings; in addition to news, that means lifestyle fare on Fox Nation and Fox Business, as well as the Fox Weather streaming service.

Perino and Hemmer then checked in virtually with the co-hosts of The Five, shortly before they were set to go live for Monday’s show. There was an improvised back-and-forth between the anchors on stage and The Five co-hosts. The upfront crowd reportedly lost interest as the segment continued for several minutes, before Martha MacCallum, subbing in for Perino on the show today, threw to Fox Sports ad sales chief Mark Evans for his portion of the presentation.

On a less upbeat note, prior to the presentation starting, there were WGA picketers and anti-Fox News protesters gathered right outside of the venue. The protestors appeared to be chanting “Shame!”