Harris Faulkner Celebrates 10 Years of Outnumbered: ‘We Are Nimble and Unique’

By Mark Mwachiro 

When Outnumbered debuted on Fox News in 2014, former primetime host Tucker Carlson served as its first male guest and the “one lucky guy” sitting on a couch next to four of Fox News’ female journalists. Ten years later, sans Carlson, Outnumbered is still pulling in major numbers in its noon timeslot under the stewardship of Harris Faulkner, the only original co-host still holding down the couch.

“Outnumbered is the only daytime talk show that can handle the network’s breaking news coverage live and toggle to unscripted talk about culture, politics—everything,” Faulkner tells TVNewser on the show’s 10th anniversary.

According to Nielsen, Outnumbered is cable news’ seventh most-watched show in total viewers and Adults 25-54 during the current broadcast year. In the past decade, the series has risen 103% in total viewers and is up 31% in the advertiser-coveted demo of Adults 25-54 compared to its launch numbers in the second quarter of 2014.


Faulkner’s original line-up of co-hosts included Jedediah Bila, Kimberly Guilfoyle and Sandra Smith, with other Newsers like Melissa Francis, Meghan McCain and Andrea Tantaros coming and going over the years. Her current couch mates are Kayleigh McEnany and Emily Compagno.

With the 10th anniversary of Outnumbered upon us, Faulkner looks at the show’s beginnings, reveals the one guest she’s never been able to book and much more.

(This interview has been edited for length and clarity.)

What is Outnumbered’s origin story?

It’s really fun to think back on that time. When I was writing my first network TV show pitch, it was originally called the News Café and the idea was to shoot it live during the noon hour in the Fox News employee lunch room. Ratings showed that people had some viewing fatigue in the middle of the day from all the morning shows that went right into more news with double-anchored shows. We needed something to break it up.

At the time, the chairman of Fox News agreed to hear my pitch for the lunchroom banter of an all-women show and it got a resounding, “Yes, let’s go for it.” We shot two pilots trying to perfect the format and deal with some issues, especially [the fact that] the people eating and talking behind us were loud! Then magic happened when a small group of executives brainstormed and we met one last time. Outnumbered was born!

Kayleigh McEnany, Faulkner and Emily Compagno on the Outnumbered set. (Courtesy Fox News)

What do you attribute Outnumbered’s longevity to?

We are nimble and unique: Outnumbered is the only daytime talk show that can handle the network’s breaking news coverage live and toggle to unscripted talk about culture, politics—everything. We have all perspectives, politically and culturally, and are welcome to join the conversation. Sometimes having a different opinion means that you’re outnumbered and our viewers love that. The man in the middle seat changes every day, and we began calling him the “one lucky guy” from day one because he was fortunate to be surrounded by powerful women.

As the remaining original co-host, why do you think the show continues to click with viewers after all these years?

Outnumbered has stickiness. The topics, co-hosts, and guests—all the things that keep viewers glued to our show— prove that longevity is not by accident. We work hard to earn the loyal fan base we have. More than 1.7 million watch us daily and sometimes hundreds of thousands more when breaking news happens.

How would you like to see the show evolve over the next 10 years?

The next steps could include more shows with a live audience. We get tours and special programming opportunities to broadcast in front of live audiences, but I’d like to see that happen in a more regularly planned fashion. Recently, we ventured outdoors on our Fox Square in the hours just before the total solar eclipse. That was great fun. We‘ve also taken the show on the road for the DNC and RNC Conventions. I like to call it: When Outnumbered goes Out!

McEnany, Faulkner, Bill Hemmer, Ainsley Earhardt, Kennedy get out and about.(Courtesy Fox News)

What moment during its first 10 years stands out the most?

There are too many to single out just one, but there’s a series of moments that I often think about as being important, special and fun. For example, in the lead-up to the 2016 Presidential Election, we had nine GOP presidential candidates in the center seat on our iconic couch. That was great TV.

Who was the guest you most wanted to talk to in the first 10 years, but couldn’t book?

Actor Rob Lowe. He’s had hits on Fox shows, but has never been our “one lucky guy.” I first met him at the 2020 Super Bowl in Miami when my beloved Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers. We’ve chatted at different events since then. Rob told me he’s a big fan of Outnumbered. We have to book him!

Which male guest has confessed to feeling “Outnumbered”?

That list is long! Some of the names include Terry Bradshaw, Joe Theismann, Senator Lindsey Graham, Kirk Cameron, Joey Jones, Charles Payne, Brian Kilmeade and country star John Rich.