Gretchen Babarovic Says Goodbye At ABC

By Brian 

Gretchen Babarovic, who was the late Peter Jennings‘ executive assistant, left ABC News on Dec. 15 after 22 ‘never boring’ years,” TV Week’s Michele Greppi reports. She came to work for him “early in his second stint” at World News Tonight.

“It was quite a remarkable experience. We both kind of grew into it together,” she says. “It was always a learning curve. He had this incredible, insatiable curiosity and he just passed it on to others. I absorbed it like a sponge. I had no desire to move on or do anything else. I loved working for him. He was difficult at times, but we also had a bond between us that made it quite comfortable. He allowed me a great latitude.”

Babarovic is in Europe now, visiting family and seeing “what’s out there for me to explore.”

“I certainly don’t have to leave, by any means. But it’s time,” she said two and a half weeks ago. “It’s time to go have my own adventure. Peter would approve, I think.”