Greta on Ed: ‘After his suspension, let him off the hook and move on’

By Chris Ariens 

While Ed Schultz was delivering his apology for calling Laura Ingraham the “s” word that rhymes with “but” with an “l” in there, on MSNBC last night, Greta Van Susteren was hosting her show on Fox News. Today, Van Susteren writes on GretaWire that “it’s time to move on” that Big Ed’s apology “seems genuine.”

Laura ought to accept the apology, too, and just chalk it up to the competition going stupid. He is suspended by MS/NBC for two weeks and that seems like a just sanction but then the rest of us should, after his suspension, let him off the hook and move on. (No one died, someone just acted really boorish.) I think he got the message. It is easy to jump him if you don’t like him but remember that the next really stupid thing could be said by someone you like.

The Schultz comment was also discussed on “Hannity” last night and this morning on “Fox & Friends” with guest Michelle Malkin. The ladies of “The View” talked about it as well questioning why their flippant use of the word “slut” has not drawn ire like it has with Schultz. Mostly, it’s because Joy Behar and Ed Schultz are two totally different people. Totally different.