Greg Gutfeld on His Early Days at Fox News: ‘I Was Really Bad. I Mean, I Was Incompetent’

By Mark Joyella 

Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld told Howard Stern Wednesday that his early days at FNC were, well, “really bad.”

Hired by Fox News to host the dead-of-night Red Eye, Gutfeld’s lack of broadcast experience, he says, showed. “I was really bad,” Gutfeld said. “I mean I was incompetent but nobody cared because nobody was watching. So like every day I just failed miserably but overtime I got a little better.”

Now on FNC’s The Five, Gutfeld believes he’s better–mostly. “I’m still pretty bad.”

His role on The Five, Gutfeld told Stern, is to cool things down when it gets heated:

“I try to figure out how to make everybody happy again by saying something very stupid or absurd and then that kind of like derails it so people don’t start shouting again. I’m like the kid at the thanksgiving dinner that you know when mommy and daddy start fighting, I start kind of getting really nervous and fidgety and I’ll say something and then try to like save the marriage.”