By Brian 

When Ken Jautz took over CNN Headline News about a year ago, he decided “that it needed to offer something different at night,” today’s Los Angeles Times says.

Different like Glenn Beck? The radio talk show host’s primetime show premieres in April.

“It will feel very different from anything else than I think you’re seeing on cable news,” Beck says. “By 8 or 9 at night, I know what the news is and I certainly don’t want to watch two people yell at each other about the news. My philosophy about the show is to take the day’s events, digest them and present them in a much more entertaining and light way.”

Jautz wants to be different from Fox News, too. He “dismissed the idea that in putting together a package of personality-driven shows, the network is imitating Fox News’ formula.”

“We want to be different from what else is out there,” he says…