By Chris Ariens 

GQ’s Benjamin Wallace asks that question in the September issue, on newsstands this week. Some highlights:

The growth:
“Beck’s show is the fastest-growing in cable news, with an unmatched increase in viewers since its May 2006 launch. His audience is the second-youngest of any show on CNN or CNN HN and exceeds U.S. averages for income and education.”

Love him or hate him:
“The anti-Beck movement began the moment CNN announced his hiring early last year and intensified this past January when ABC brought Beck on as a contributor to Good Morning America.”

Big Break:
“The best thing to happen to Beck’s career, was September 11. With confused Americans flocking to talk radio to discuss what was going on.”

Family Guy:
“Beck and his wife adopted [their son] Raphe after two wrenching years of failed attempts to conceive. Through prayer Beck began to develop the idea that they were meant to adopt.”